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KiwiKate Special Offer

Special Off from KiwiKate in the UK. Big discounts and cheap delivery. Get it here
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News, Partners

KiwiKate New Partner For 2012

We have a new partner joining us in 2012.

Offering a 10% discount for members of the network website. So check out the forum to get the special offer code.

RIGHT NOW KiwiKate has a special offer ending this FRIDAY

20% Discount
on Absolutely Everything!

… just use the coupon
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at the checkout to receive 20% discount.
until Friday 20 July

Introducing the Wahine Wrap

Perfect throw-on for travelling, the Wahine has a very useful concealed zip for a multitude of ways to wear it.

The Men’s Satellite Merino Base Layer

Designed and made by mountaineers, for indoor as well as outdoor mountain climbers.
Merino creates a moisture-wicking micro-climate for the ultimate in comfort and continuous wear. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Ideal for

The Perfect Fine Dress Socks for Men and Women

Also available in black.
Perfect for travelling. Ever had a summer holiday wishing you’d taken a pair of socks with you? Cable or Fine Rib double up as slippers if the temperature changes, or look smart sitting
on the plane with your shoes off. A pair of socks. As useful as a Swiss army knife.

Offer available until end Friday 20 July
Some larger knitwear and merino items may take 7-14 days delivery
Complimentary postage on orders over £145.

IT Support Offered – With My Compliments

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