Events, Fun, Malmö, Sweden

Meet Up In Malmö

Many thanks to everyone that attended last night at the second Malmö pub Night at Sir Toby’s.

I would like to extend a special thank you to all those from Denmark. I hope that everyone can attend the next Pub night in Januaray, and hope a few of us can attend the Waitangi Day party in Gothenbörg in Feb.


Events, Fun, Malmö, Sweden

Pub Night Malmö

The Kiwi Clubs first event in Malmö went really well.
A big thanks to the people that made it to the pub night and a special THANK YOU to Hayden Tilson for organizing this event and being the contact person for this network in Malmö.

Quote from Hayden “It was a really good night. Everyone had a great time. We stayed till we were kicked out:). This will be the first of many.”

Will try and get a comment from you next time Hayden.

Thanks to Nadia for the photo. (Hope it is ok to use)