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Waitangi Day Dinner

richardwaitangiday waitangday_group3 waitangdaygroup5 Waitangi_Day_2015_Feb_one_web waitangi_day_2015_grp1 waitangi_day_group2 waitangi_day_image_3 waitangiday_group6 waitangiday_group7 waitangiday_port1 waitangiday_two waitangiDay-youngone-trashed waitangidayGroup8 waitangidayimage4 waitangidayport waitangidayportrait


One thought on “Waitangi Day Dinner

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hi there Kiwi club! I have heard alot about your Kiwi Club, My name is Kimberly and i am new to Sweden and Småland (not quite a kiwi but an Aussie) wondering if you allow aussie riff raff into your Group 🙂

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