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Pub Night Småland

Well we started in the “Lilla Puben” but as the name says it was too small when our numbers reached 27 (good one Mark!) . . . . so we relocated the “Krögers” across the street
There our numbers grew to 34 (I think) so we had a great turn out guys!!!!!!
11 kiwis turned up with Neil Crespin coming over from Hedehusene (between Roskilde and Copenhagen) in Denmark for a beer!!!! Good effort mate!!!!!
I also enjoyed the appearance of 3 Aussies from Kalmar – at last some to throw “shit” at lol 😉 and the lovely company of a few expats wives – the group is open to everyone you know!!

Special thanks to John “Happy feet” Bremner for finding us a bigger pub and his hospitality later in the evening 🙂

Spread the word about the next PNs (Pub Night småland) in Växjö in four weeks! Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Watch this space!!
Terry Cooper


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