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Pub Night Småland

Well we started in the “Lilla Puben” but as the name says it was too small when our numbers reached 27 (good one Mark!) . . . . so we relocated the “Krögers” across the street
There our numbers grew to 34 (I think) so we had a great turn out guys!!!!!!
11 kiwis turned up with Neil Crespin coming over from Hedehusene (between Roskilde and Copenhagen) in Denmark for a beer!!!! Good effort mate!!!!!
I also enjoyed the appearance of 3 Aussies from Kalmar – at last some to throw “shit” at lol 😉 and the lovely company of a few expats wives – the group is open to everyone you know!!

Special thanks to John “Happy feet” Bremner for finding us a bigger pub and his hospitality later in the evening 🙂

Spread the word about the next PNs (Pub Night småland) in Växjö in four weeks! Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Watch this space!!
Terry Cooper

Stockholm, Sweden

Expat Animation Studio Wins

Againstallodds is an expat Animation studio based in Stockholm. With some very high profile clients.

In October they were won the Best Animation 2012 award at the Roy Gala in Stockholm.
With the animation below called “Smutley”.

Great job Againstallodds.

If you need some animation work, advertising done visit or call these guys website is and email

Now take a look at what won them there award:

Smutley from againstallodds on Vimeo.

Againstallodds have also been a great client of Kiwisinn Design.

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Pub Night Malmö

The Kiwi Clubs first event in Malmö went really well.
A big thanks to the people that made it to the pub night and a special THANK YOU to Hayden Tilson for organizing this event and being the contact person for this network in Malmö.

Quote from Hayden “It was a really good night. Everyone had a great time. We stayed till we were kicked out:). This will be the first of many.”

Will try and get a comment from you next time Hayden.

Thanks to Nadia for the photo. (Hope it is ok to use)

Events, Fun, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Pub Night October

Sorry for the late post.

We had a good turn out for the Stockholm meet up on the 26th October. Nice to see a new Kiwi guy attend and the usual crowd made a showing.
Thanks to the staff from Olympen coming down to The Monks, it was great having you guys here and hope you will come back again soon.

Special mention to John and Terry making the trip. Terry taking the train up and John has been regularly coming along to the Friday meet up.
I always look forward to this Friday and catching up with the group.

Some pictures of the evening