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Buying A House In Sweden

Buying a House in Sweden

Good luck! Buying a house in Sweden is a long and challenging process. This article is written for New Zealanders looking to purchase a freehold house. The process for purchasing an apartment or flat is a little bit different and not covered in this article. I have chosen to present this is a step by step process in order to help other Kiwis to find their dream home. Here goes!

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Network Creating Contacts

It is great to get feedback from members and to hear that after the meet ups that people are contacting each other.
This is what it is about!!
If we can do more of this and help each other, this network will only grow stronger and help more people in Sweden.
Big thank you to the members for making this network mean something in Sweden.

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Kiwi Meet Up In Stockholm

Great turn out for the Meet Up In Stockholm.
Combined with Gary’s farewell. Sorry to see you go Gary.

Pleased to say Gary will be our new contact in New Zealand for this network and keeping our members up to date with news and events in NZ.

Here are some pictures from our Pub Night In Stockholm