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Meet Up Göteborg Wednesday 26th

Meet up in Göteborg at Sinclair’s Steakhouse from 6pm onwards. Two down as going. Anymore??????
Check out the events page for more details.

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How To Use The Kiwi Club Network Website

How To Create An Event

The events page of the network website has been design for registered members to be invited, confirm if they are attending an event and for registered members to create there own events and invite members to join.

  • Encourage people to register as a member to view events
  • Encourage members to confirm if they are attending a network event and promote the event to friends and family
  • Encourage members to create their own events and invite current members and encourage non members to join and register an interest in the event. (Your event could be to arrange a social tennis game, squash game, practicing Swedish or another language. You can decide!!)
  1. Go to the event page
  2. Click on “Create an Event” button
  • Fill in the required fields
    Event name
    Event classification
    Event description
    Event city
    Event address
    Event note
    Event date and start / end time
    Event public notes
    Event private notes
    Special conditions
    Link to flyer or image
    Click reminder – yes or no
    Click “Create Event and Continue
  1. Click reminder – yes or no
  2. Click “Create Event and Continue

Next Section Events Directory

  1. Select you events Privacy Option
  • Public
  • Private
  • Hidden
  • Group/Forum link for you event (Select a group from the drop down menu)
  • Sociable Share Yes or No

Next step

  1. Your Avatar
  2. Browse and upload your Avatar
  3. Click Finish
  4. You have just added your first event!!

Make Changes To Your Event

  1. Go to the events page
  2. Select your event
  3. You can view the details of your event on the first page
  4. Location through google maps
  5. Link to a promotional flyer
  6. View members attending
  7. Send invites
  8. Admin of your Event by clicking the admin button

In the admin section you can change all the information about your event and even upload a new Avator
You can delete your event in the admim panel.

So now there is nothing stopping you from creating your own events, pub nights, language evenings, sports meets ups.

Get you friends to join and start planning some great events all over Sweden.

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Pub Night Stockholm

Pub Night Stockholm

Event Description:

Last Friday of every month, Aotearoa Inn has a meet from 7pm onwards.
Great way to meet new people, catch up with old friends and establish a stronger network.
Monks Porter House, Old Town, Munkbron 11, Gamla stan, Stockholm.
More information on the location

Event Location:

The event will take place: Sweden , in city:Stockholm

Event address: Monks Porter House, Old Town, Munkbron 11, Gamla stan

Event Start date: 28/09/2012, Time: 19:00
Event End date: 28/09/2012, Time: 23:30

Let people know your coming by adding your name HERE

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