Driver Licence, Sweden

Swedish Drivers License – How to !

How to get your Swedish Drivers License – June 2012



Okay, so you have a New Zealand drivers license and would like to drive in Sweden. Well, you can. Up to one year after arrival you can use your International Driving Permit, available from the AA, to cruise the streets of Sweden. However, after one year you will need your own Swedish license. Unless, of course, you have a drivers license from an EES country, for example England, where you can have it converted for a small fee. This article is aimed at those who already have a New Zealand license, live here permanently and do not a license from a EES country. Below are the six steps you will need to go through.


1. Körkortstillstånd Drivers License Permission

a. You need to order this from the Transport Agency and remains active for five years. Here is the link to order your körkortstillstånd
b. However, you also need Synintyg, or en eye examination to go with it. Ensure you order this form at the same time. Either you can pay for this test, or, your local school will normally perform this test for free. Here is the link to order the form for your synintyg
c. Cost: 220kr.


2. Riskutbildning #1 – Risk Education #1

a. This is a 4 hour course in alcohol, drugs, tiredness. The only requirement is that you are there for the entire length of the course.
b. Cost: 600-800kr


3. Riskutbildning #2 – Risk Education #2

a. This is a 5 hour course in practical driving skills. Braking on dry surfaces or ice, loosing and regaining control. This is actually quite fun and the best part of the process.
b. Cost: 1400-1600kr


4. Kunskapsprov – Theory Test

a. First you need to order a code in order to book online. Here is the link to order the code:
b. Then you can login and book your theory test. Here is the link to login in order to book:
c. But, before you sit your test you will need to study. Here is a great link for theory:
There are iphone apps which can help and programs available too. You will need to study. 🙂 The rules are not the same as in New Zealand and for your own safety it is good to be familiar with what applies.
d. These test is made from 65 questions. Of which you need at least 52 correct. The test includes subject areas from human behaviour, traffic situations, traffic rules, environment and a load of different signs.
e. Cost: 220kr


5. Uppkörning – Driving Test

a. You can login and book your driving test here:
b. You will need to take one or two lessons from a driving school to ensure that you drive to an accepted standard. You can always take the risk, but the cost of two lessons is less than the cost of having to re-sit the test. Plus, lost time.
c. The test takes at least 25 minutes and includes many aspects of practical driving.
d. Cost: 1100kr including a loan car. You cannot use your own car – unless it happens to have double controls.


6. Tillverkning – Manufacturing of Drivers license

a. Application is completed at time of successfully completing practical driving test.
b. Cost: 150kr.



Having a Swedish drivers license is worth looking forward to and worth working towards. It does take around 2-3 months and does cost approximately 4,000kr, but the feeling of freedom and security is well invested. Then after 5 years you are even able to teach others to drive.


Richard Miles



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