Anzac Day, Stockholm

Anzac Day, Stockholm, Sweden

Anzac Cup will be held at 29:th of april at Täby Galopp. First race at 12.45, The Anzac Cup between 14.00-14.30.
Anzac guests have free entry to the track, just say ANZAC Cup in the gate.
Free ponyriding and sweets for all the kids!


Make your reservation at the Belmont Park restaurant on: 08-744 30 60.
BLT sandwish + a beer 60 kr

Lågtempad whiskeymarinerad ryggbiff
Karamelliserad lökcreme
Rökt torsk med romsås och primörer
Potatissallad med purjolök, senap och whiskey
Sheperds pie
Kryddig klyftpotatis
Clam chowder
Soda bread och rökt smör
Blackberry crumble
Pris:250 kr

More than 1000 attended the 2nd Sweden ANZAC Cup at Täby.


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