Network News

First pub night in Stockholm, starting on the 31st Jan 2012 at The Liffey in Old Town. With other regular events beginning in Feb 2012. We have to Waitangi Day Dinners arranged in Stockholm and Göteborg for the 10th of Feb 2012.

Business network is slowly progressing and more business joining up. The help section will continued to be added to. To help people get started. Keen to get NZ and friends of NZ business registered with us. Also interested in business in New Zealand that may have some product or service that can be provided here in Sweden or for people traveling to New Zealand from Sweden. The idea is to promote and use the services and products within the network before looking outside. (Supporting NZ business and friends of NZ in Sweden and abroad)

If you run a business, organization or provide some type of service that you think you benefit this network please let me know and we can arrange for you to place your information on this networks websites and social media resources.

Very interested to hear from people that would like to blog or write articles for this network on event, news or information for New Zealanders and friends of New Zealand living or intending to live in Sweden or New Zealand. Email

To keep this network growing in 2012, it will need more help from members and interested people from all over Sweden. There is a lot of resources within the network blog. Several groups that may interest people and hopefully in 2012 a active forum for people to ask and answer questions.

Several new sites will go up in 2012 and some new ideas that I hope will help some people living in Sweden.

If you have any questions or ideas about how to push this network forward and create an excellent resources for the members of this network please share them, either post them through our social media channels or email me

I look forward to a stronger and more active network for 2012.


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