Aotearoa Inn Pub Night Stockholm Great Fun

25 Feb

Aotearoa Inn Pub Night In Stockholm
First Aotearoa Inn Pub Night for 2012.
Really great night, drunk to much and useless the next day. 5 fronted up for the evening. Finished up around 3am.
BIG THANKS to the 5 for coming along and hope to see you next month.
Visit to get more information about our websites and network in Sweden

Welcome Ethcs Clothing

14 Feb

Would like to welcome Ethcs Clothing to our Business Network called Aotearoa Inn.

“Ethcs Clothing is a New Zealand Clothing Brand, We Make New Zealand T-shirts, Hoodies and New Zealand Art & Sell Them Online”

They are offering a discount on all products sold through there internet shop

Gothenburg English Speaking Theatre

11 Feb

Gothenburg English Speaking Theatre presents

Gothenburg English Speaking Theatre aims to show the best of contemporary British drama and therefore the play is in English and all our actors are from the UK

Upcoming production of Expectations at Folkteatern in Gothenburg. It is showing between April 18th – May 12th and tickets have been released for sale.

Based on the authors own experience, Expectations is an honest, moving, hard hitting and often funny play. Two couples- one English, one Swedish – both prepare for the birth of their child but things don’t turn out the way they had imagined. The play follows their different paths and in the end all four are brought together. There are choices to be made, fears and secrets to share.
For nine months I had been preparing for the biggest journey of my life. I had been waiting expectantly…My suitcase was packed and I was ready. But we never could have prepared ourselves for the destination or the arrival.

When A City Falls

11 Feb

When A City Falls DVD

Available 23rd February.


Aotearoa Inn (Kiwi Club) Pub Night

8 Feb

Aotearoa Inn Pub Night (Kiwi Club), Stockholm Where: The Monk When: Friday 24th Feb Time: 7pm onwards Details: Aotearoa Inn (Kiwi Club) has a meet from 7pm onwards.
Great way to meet new people, catch up with old friends and establish a stronger network.
Locations change each month.
Monks Porter House, Old Town, Munkbron 11, Gamla stan, Stockholm.
More information on the location

New Zealanders in Sweden

7 Feb

Some questions have bee raised about the social events of this group and what must it do to have people attend. Also some confusion about what the Kiwi Club is now.
If no one objects, I will outline theses issues on the website and this page. Also create a questionnaire for people who are interested in providing us with some feedback.
Coming Soon

Waitangi Day Haka in London

6 Feb

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